Friday 17 June 2011

Day 8 - cont

Made it to Lima.

New satellite tracker got sent to Steamboat, will be a few days before I catch up with it :(

Post Race Recap
Polaris to Lima MT - 101 Miles

Leaving after breakfast the other riders who had stayed at the Grasshopper Inn were out ahead of me, but I was riding on my own again. Thankfully the early morning rain didn't turn the roads to slop so I was able to make progress at my new reduced pace. Not much to look at, just a 25 mile climb to the top of Sheep Creek Divide. Pausing in the afternoon to take photos at the Old Bannack Road sign.

After cresting the divide it put me into another valley with mountains to the side and in front of me. I couldn't work out how the route made its escape. But then I slowly wound my way into a narrow pretty canyon, made over thousands of years by Big Sheep Creek.

I rolled into Lima around 7:30 and decided that I'd done enough riding for the day. The motel was fully booked so I paid for a camping spot and went to investigate the nearby Jens Cafe for something to eat. Running into Bob Anderson while I was there. A big fat steak later and I retired back to the campsite. I pitched up next to two cyclists touring the Divide, Bob decided to camp there too.

Being completely shattered I'd bought some sleeping pills from the petrol station. I don't normally take any medication and normally avoid painkillers. Now I had the choice of Aleve to help the knees and achilles or the sleeping pills.

A campsite next to an Interstate doesn't work too well.
I also had to get up several times in the night to pee.
The sleeping pills didn't seem to work.

Bob, if you ever read this I'm sorry if I disturbed your sleep. You were gone in the morning so I never got the chance to apologise.

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  1. I wondered what had happened to the dot! Hope it's going to work.
    Cheers, Ian