Tuesday 14 June 2011

Day 5 - eurgh

My bad right knee has been bothering me for a couple of days, then breakfast this morning seemed to steal my get up and go. So by the time I reached Helena I decided to make it a short day and hope some rest lets me catch back up with the group I've been racing with. A tough ask so we'll see.
Better to get the rest and get the swelling down so I can continue riding.

Post Race Recap
Lincoln to Helena MT - 60 miles

I'd hardly been sleeping the first few nights and the night in Lincoln was no exception. I also didn't eat enough with that late arrival into town. Breakfast was a breakfast burrito from the petrol station eaten when riding got underway.

It disagreed with me.

I had no energy on the pedals and quickly lost touch with Derek. Most people are out there riding their own race pace, but it had been good to have someone so evenly matched. We'd back and forth through the day on the climbs and descents, but now he was gone up the road. As it turns out I wouldn't catch him again, despite a big effort the next day to catch up with the group.

I laboured up to the summit of Stemple Pass and was very happy to see a toilet block basically in the middle of no where. I said goodbye to the burrito.

After enjoying the view...

...I then had a very nice descent, before the next climb.

With some cows for company.

Before dropping out onto the road for a few miles into Helena.

I rolled through town fried just looking for somewhere to eat. In the end I think I ate at the bar and grill adjoining the Holiday Inn. I don't think my 5 day essence was appreciated out on the patio. I did enjoy the two big entrees I ate though.

I decided to make it a short day, eat lots and to get some sleep. With a plan of leaving early the next day to try and make up some lost ground. I basically stuffed my face, iced my knees/achilles and finally got a few hours sleep.


  1. Hope your ok mate, crack on only 2177 bottles of beer left on the wall :-)

  2. Maybe a friendly local would rub it better.....

  3. John,

    When you hit Steamboat Springs, you will ride past MOOTS! It will be on your left just before you cross over 40. Trade in the Lynskey?

  4. Ohh, by the way, looking strong man. I'm cheering you on from the flatlands.