Tuesday 21 June 2011

Day 11 - all done at $20

I made it to Jackson, WY. Teton Pass was the finisher, my left achilles isn't supposed to make noises when I move it.
Currently in Fort Collins, CO after skipping through the rest of WY in some newfangled invention called a motorcar which allows the occupants to travel hundreds of miles in hours not days!

Full recap with photos and video of the 5 states and 1000+ miles I did manage when I make it home.

Post Race Recap
Driggs ID to Fort Collins CO - 504 miles (44 on my bike)

There was a bike path running from Driggs to Victor, nice and smooth, pretty much zero gradient. I was doing about 12mph. I should have been doing about 18mph.

I was determined to make it out of Idaho.

Three and a half hours after leaving Driggs I made the top of the pass. I'd walked a lot of it, mostly on tip toes because of my achilles. I was struggling but I made it over the pass.

After a few miles of 10% grades on the way up, I had the same to enjoy on the way down. Overtaking a big truck while I was doing nearly 50mph with a strong side wind was...err interesting.

I reached the town of Wilson and collapsed onto the grass outside the bagel shop to consider my options. I'd been popping aleve and icing when I could but it wasn't working. I'd never had achilles problems before and the fact I could feel and hear my left achilles when I moved my foot concerned me. I didn't want to risk serious injury which would stop me racing or stop me riding once I made it home. With the Basin coming up and no working Spot satellite tracker, I didn't want to get stranded and require rescue. I decided it was time to withdraw from the race and rescue myself.

After some food at the bagel shop and the use of their wifi to book a hire car I turned off route and headed towards Jackson Hole airport to collect my car. I chose the dirt road option to the airport as it seemed more appropriate to end that way than taking the highway. Plus I finally got to take in some of the Tetons.

Some buffalo too.

I collected my car at the airport, it was probably over a year since I'd last driven. 7 and a half hours later I got out of that Toyota in Fort Collins my dream of reaching NM gone, but happy with the decision I'd made.


  1. sorry to hear the news. great effort. looking forward to hearing all about it when you return.

  2. Well done on getting as far as you did, sorry you had to stop, looking forward to seeing the photos, Mom

  3. Hi John -- amazing performance! 1000+ miles of MTB is pretty damn mind-blowing. Looking forward to the recap!

  4. There goes my bet that a bear would get you. Let us know how ur leg is and lia says well done.

  5. Sorry to hear that, John. Get well, come back and let's do some silly snow-free 100-milers with aid stations and stuff.

  6. Bad luck John, You going healup and try next year?
    Janesy (ocuk)

  7. Again - Well done!! sounds brutal! Janesy

  8. Well done John, great effort. Only just found the blog, but was following you on the tracker until you mysteriously stopped!

  9. with athletes like you in the world, someone has to drink the beer, so keep going so i can keep drinking! good skills!

  10. quit.... get back on the bike! its only an achilles...