Monday 2 May 2011

Catskills weekender gear shakedown.

"It's 100 miles to Plattekill, I've got a gas tank full of Twix, half a pack of Jujy Fruits, it's sunny... and I'm wearing sunglasses."

"Hit it!"

First chance to test out the new Tarptent Contrail with all my gear strapped to the bike. Friends were heading up to Plattekill for the start of DH season. I tagged a lift to New Paltz where they kicked me out of the car and I said I'd see them at roughly 6PM.

It was a great day with some stunning scenery. The Peekamoose Valley was particularly pretty with waterfall after waterfall lining the road. Some nice campsites along there means a return trip might have to be made.

Plenty of good climbing along the way. I was definitely ready for some dinner when I rolled into the camping area at the ski resort just a bit earlier than I'd predicted. A healthy fill of pizza and then we retired back to the campfire where the odd smore was consumed.

After a cold night, but snug in my gear, Sunday was another bright sunny day. The route ended up being a bit too urban after the isolation of the previous days riding. The views from the top of the mile 45 descent were worth it though. I was just glad I wasn't climbing it from the other direction.

The end of the ride took me across to Poughkeepsie using the walkway across the Hudson. The first time I'd been up there and it's well used with all sorts of people making their way across enjoying the views of the Hudson Valley. Spot the sea plane about to go underneath the Mid Hudson Bridge before it took off.

All my gear worked out, the only problem I spotted once home was that my front pocket had rubbed the tyre a couple of times despite the clearance. Have to solve that as it's not going to last the distance otherwise.

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