Monday 3 January 2011

Modern Art



  1. Great looking rig- but seriously, HS, that is a crazy long ride....Plenty of time to talk to yourself.
    Good luck with that and see you out on the trail.

  2. 1st and foremost—imo you have picked the best TDR frame material and design, HT Ti!! And if I ever do the TDR again I will look hard a a ridged fork. I like it, a lot!
    So please take my following comments as simply things to think very deeply about

    aero bars??
    +1 comfort and pressure point mitigate off palm and seat
    + slight speed increase
    + handy to strap bags and hang electronics
    - require trial & test to get them right, easy to mess up fit
    - weight

    handlebar height??
    Higher than seat with short reach is best for less wrist/forearm fatigue and palm pressure point mitigation. This is also helpful if you use aero bars

    Seat Post?
    A ti seat post provides a bit more flex and damping than alu

    Egg beater pedals concentrate all your standing weight in a tiny area. If you stand a lot and run a non carbon shoe you run the risk of pressure point nerve damage in your feet. This will not appear till about 3-6 days in for most. Most then sit more than they would like and exasperating rear end issues.

    2x10 would be my choice-- and I really need a granny gear on any single track hill. But the TDR is mostly easy grade and even I rarely needed my small ring. By the time you reach NM you don’t shift down to the small ring but rather stand and single speed style up the long grades

  3. Great to get feedback from you Marshal, your experience is definitely appreciated. The aerobars are enroute, I've an Eriksen post on the way too. The pedals on there at the moment are Shimano XT, but I've a new set of XTR lost in the post coming to me at some point, their larger platform should help even more with reducing hotspots. The gearing comes from parts already available from my parts bin or moving between existing bikes. I like my X.0 twist shifters so 2x10 isn't easy at the moment.

    Your name was mentioned on my order to Eric at Revelate!

  4. I use X.0 also, hove for yrs now--been thinking about playing some 2X10 games with an old rear twist that is worn out + a dremel